Wilfredo Duran

Yo estoy en Juventud FACETA porque me gusta ayudar y hacer trabajo comunitario. Me gusta presentar talleres, trabajar en la comunidad y compartir con mis compañeros.

Maria Mendez

My name is Maria Mendez, I'm 18 years old and I'm a junior at Churchill high School. I am the president in training of Amigos as well as a graduated member of Juventud FACETA. I have commitment to this organization because it has made me grow immensely. It has also brought much happiness and excitement to my life by providing me with an environment to grow and express myself. I love giving public presentations learning from my peers and making a difference in my community. Juventud FACETA has expanded my view on so many different things and has let me experience things school could not provide.


As a member of Juventud faceta I feel so commited to the community. And I'm so glad I found this place where I can show that youth people can help make this land a better place.

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